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    Runrig Tear Down These Walls текст песни

    Tear Down These Walls

    In the slipstream of luck and democracy
    A victim of chance and geography
    I reap and I sow the face of the earth
    While big guns play games with the land of my birth

    I walk these hills and I sail the seas
    I’ve weathered the storms of history
    Created to live, created to share
    With the fish of the sea, the birds of the air

    I’m not too hot on Dukes or Earls or Graces
    But I love respect and exhalted places
    Give me the people with sod on the knee
    The higher the monkey climbs the more he reveals

    Tear down these walls
    All men were born the same
    You came here with nothing
    But naked and a name
    A name
    Tear down these walls
    They keep raising for you

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