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    Romeo »

    Romeo Tell The Band текст песни

    Tell The Band

    [Romeo: Talking]


    Tell the band they better play my song

    We got the youngest president in the building

    Gutta Music

    Tell the band they better play my song

    G’s Up

    [Hook x4: Romeo]

    You scared, you scared, you, you, you scared

    Tell the Band they better play my song

    [Verse 1: Romeo]

    Ya’ll rock them Nikes while I rock them gangsters

    Bad to the hood with all dudes and wangsters

    Me, I’m a pimp just ask your mother, sister, and brother

    Kind folks and others

    I never sleep they call me a hustler

    Born from another plant

    Its not earth

    I tell shorty I think I like her

    Never wife her just one night her

    I’m bouncing far from a snapper

    Hate derby but now I’m a rapper

    Hi kids I am your master

    Things have changed now

    It’s all about the cuttler

    [Pre-Hook: Romeo]

    Now walk it out now to left now to the right

    Now walk it out

    Now walk it out now to left now to the right

    Now walk it out

    I got the hood J-U-M-P-IN

    Now J-U-M-P

    [Hook x4: Romeo]

    [Verse 2: Romeo]

    Me, I’m aint scared of nothing

    Ask you baby mama I’m the best thing coming

    Dude speak but me not hearing em

    Talk to much so the streets not feeling em

    I got the whole hood saying get ride of em

    Real educate something like a sininum

    I’m to young to retire

    I’m fire

    You’re something like pinochio

    Yo yous a straight lier

    I’m from the jungle so I blend wit them Tigers

    Don’t like ghosts so I never had a rider

    Call me the young prince of rap

    Go tell the whole kingdom the prince is back

    [Pre-hook: Romeo]

    [Hook x4: Romeo]

    [Romeo: Talking]

    It’s another R-O

    Oh yea you know

    I had to do this for the bands out there

    Had to

    It was only right

    Yea, I appreciate all the love man

    I be seeing ya’ll at the football games

    And everything

    But you know

    Tell the band they better play my song


    G’s Up



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