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    Lil' Wayne »

    Lil' Wayne Tha Block is Hot текст песни

    Tha Block is Hot

    [Lil' Wayne]
    Wha wha, wha wha, wha wha, wha wha, what

    Straight off the black gold, nuts in my hand, trustin no man
    Got my glock cocked, runnin this thing, ya understand
    We be steamin, blazin, nines pumped in caves and
    Cali grows somethin for the hood where I was raised in
    Niggaz bustin heads and, runnin duckin Feds and
    Rocks under they tongues and, ki’s under they beds and
    Do it for the real niggaz, twenty-four seven hustlers
    EHHH, until we shove a barrel down ya pipe suckers
    Ain’t no love for them busta, no pimp for no coward
    No respect for no stunt, and no money without power
    We keepin niggaz hotter, EWWWW nasty and sour
    Pile up in the Eddie Bauer and BLAKA at every hour
    Some niggaz like that powder, fold it up what they drain
    Some like that weed or that dope and some shoot it up in they veins
    From the home of the game, jackin and crackin brains
    Broadcastin live from Tha Block it’s Lil’ Wayne

    [Chorus: B.G. and Juvenile, Lil' Wayne]

    [Juve:] Nigga you got that llello?
    [B.G.:] Well cook something nigga
    [Juve:] Nigga you let them K’s go?
    [B.G.:] Well bust somethin nigga
    [Juve:] Are you duckin that law?
    [B.G.:] You better run from em nigga
    [Juve:] Are you playin with that raw?
    [B.G.:] Well won’t you front somethin nigga
    [Wayne] Tha Block is Hot, Tha Block is Hot ha, ha-ha
    Tha Block is Hot, Tha Block is Hot ha, ha-ha
    Tha Block is Hot, Tha Block is Hot ha, ha-ha
    Tha Block is Hot, Tha Block is Hot ha..

    [Lil' Wayne]
    See where I’m from we keep our guns out
    Dodgin cops and burnin blocks, cause we be thugged out
    It’s time to floss, two big bodies on Broad South
    And they got quarter staffs and birds that run the house
    It’s all good in the hood hustlin like illegal
    Soon as you get it, hot SKIRT, like for them people
    Break up the block and hit the cut by the corner sto’
    End up in Miss Taylor backyard, be quiet, she on the porch
    This everyday, at the spot where niggaz murder on top, boy
    It’s the spot where they got Fire Girls and Hot, Boys
    We don’t know what be goin cause we so blunted from trees
    And we’ll be round ya all day til it’s "400 Degreez"
    And you see where niggaz go, nobody be on the pulpit
    They got a nigga that own the sto’, he flippin out off that broad
    Betta stay in yo’ car, and make sure, your door is locked
    Cause this ain’t nuttin proper, cause Tha Block, is jusssst Hot


    [Lil' Wayne]
    See watch your step on my section, gotta walk like, talk like
    Where they shot out all the street lights
    So you can’t see what nobody be like
    And we like, to dress in all black up in my residence
    Ain’t got on no suits, cause we ain’t tryin to be presidents
    And ever since the coke drought, niggaz been on a trip y’all
    So you better watch what y’all playin wit
    Cause a nigga will try to flip y’all
    They hit y’all, jam you up and put a gun to your jug
    Hahhhh, catch your breath, now shhhhh, catch a slug
    It’s street smarts, plenty niggaz that keep spots
    When the heat starts, ain’t nobody got sweethearts
    Callin weak shots, you could come try to cheap talk
    We cut your week short, them lil’ boys don’t give a damn
    Call out for that caper, won’t hesitate to kill a man
    Run in his house and kidnap the nigga, him and his fam
    Tie em up put em in the vans, then put a gat in his drawers
    … tch, one move blow his cactuses off


    [Lil' Wayne]
    WHOOT! Some people call me cause Tha Block is Hot
    Shk-a-BLAOW! Bust ya guns cause Tha Block is Hot
    Nigga shhhhh, cook it up, cause Tha Block is Hot
    Say look Daddy, just hook it up, cause Tha Block is Hot

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