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  • Murder By Death »

    Murder By Death The Big Sleep текст песни

    The Big Sleep

    At the end of the road he calls everyone home
    and the fire will consume us striking through to the bone
    at the end of the road you will soon hear him call
    as the congregations crumble and the chapels will fall
    and the taste on your tongue well it comes yeah it comes
    with the bittersweet pang of remorse and pain
    till the judgement is made the prosecutions won
    the gavel has fall and justice is done
    the courtroom clears, I’m left alone on the bench
    my wife and children gone, along with the defense
    the bailiff leads me back to my cell
    like the riverman ferrying my to hell
    I can’t blame them, no, to hate me for what I’ve done
    I hear them whisperin’ in the hall
    you’ll live and die by the gun
    all I can do is sit here and pray
    I’ll be forgiven on judgement day
    tell my wife in our yard burried underneath the pine
    there’s a shoebox full of money
    of which I’ve never earned a dime
    use it to start over the way things should have been
    live honest and love again
    tell my wife tell my kids I never meant for this to happen
    when they flip the switch please do not stay
    I couldn’t bear for you to remember me this way

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