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    RZA »

    RZA The Chase текст песни

    The Chase

    Burst better run better run for your life!
    Burst break run jet flee boogey move be audi (yo)
    Slide duck dip bounce be ghost escape blazini poof
    The Genie disappear cast out like they ain’t seen me (yo) …
    (Yo) Burst!
    Put the gear in the ignition first it spark my transmission
    I’m gear shiftin fast lane switchin tryin to ditch em
    Escape I got the briefcase full of papers
    Plus the microtape of all the secret society snakes
    Recordings, plan how they want to destroy the black man
    And take every square inch of land and kill the Wu Clan
    What the fuck? My four hundred horsepower truck
    High speed with the Ironman CD turned all the way up
    Shots fired in back of me, they practically hit my tire
    Though I smell smoke, I hope my engine ain’t on fire
    Pulled off the road, hope this damn truck won’t explode
    Felt like The Saint from the last James Bond episode
    Drivin sixty miles per hour through weed trees and dead flowers
    Bust the overdrive, couldn’t control the power
    Pushin through bushes, mud, bugs
    Covered the front and back windshield like carwash suds
    I couldn’t sleep, I knew these niggaz was gainin on me
    I tried to bust a 360, I crashed into a tree
    It felt like a bulldozer, knocked my ass over
    I fell out the Rover, grabbed the briefcase ran over
    To a log cabin, had a sign posted DO NOT ENTER
    I bust through the door my body got cut up with splinters
    I ain’t give a FUCK, tryin to find somewhere to duck
    Ahh, ahh, uhhhhh, ahh
    And catch my breath, count how many shots I had left
    My clip was full, the first nigga walk through I’m gonna pull
    It was Ivan Korlof, he came through with a sawed off
    Bust the cannon shot and tore the rest of the fuckin door off
    Burst, break, run, jet, flee, boogey, move, be audi
    Slide, duck, dip, bounce, be ghost, escape, blazini, poof
    The Genie, disappear, cast out like they ain’t seen me
    Killer Bee, fast lamborghini
    (repeat 2X)
    Junk turned fragments scattered in all direction
    One grazed me, on my kneecap but didn’t faze me
    ?Count Latree? jumped up, I fired back
    My four-four snub slug, dug a hole in his head
    Like Dig Dug, partner crashes in
    With the infrared precision shots, just missin
    Night vision goggles, shit had me boggled
    Forty-Four mag, was too much to swallow

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