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  • Run About The Streets »

    Run About The Streets The Concept текст песни

    The Concept

    Let this be dream.
    All unknowing suffer.
    The devil is knocking at our doorstep,
    Right before our eyes.
    Scream! Patience is wearing thin.
    Skating on thin ice my heart beat races for a change.
    These walls are not the same.
    Coming to terms at daybreak after night of escape,
    Let me escape so I can fly, to greater heights at night.
    WE needwe need..
    I will fight for truth!
    And I.. will see the day that the demons die!

    She said I should decide this time.
    Ill never die by suicide.
    AS my heart starts racing and I start pacing,
    Ill take over what I know is mine.

    Here comes the ambulance to take you away.
    Theyll open you up with out hesitation.
    A dismal future is on display,
    Haunted by the falls that you portray.
    Killed too much and you blame it to shame.
    Full of tired lies and tired eyes and nothings the same.
    What ever happened to your own compassion
    Do you do what you do just to get a reaction
    A substitute for everything youve never had,
    Now youre stranded alone and your feet start to drag.
    The streets are your but the meaning is mine!
    Closure and acceptance you will never find

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