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    Dimmu Borgir »

    Dimmu Borgir The Conspiracy Unfolds текст песни

    The Conspiracy Unfolds

    Fallen I have, Fallen I am

    Cursed and destined to burn

    Fallen I have, Fallen I am

    Cursed and destined to burn

    My loyalty towards a liar ceased to exist

    Once misled by an empty fraudulent face

    I will never turn my back on you

    And deceive the flesh of our race

    I will always speak truly

    So you can understand

    No riddles that manipulate

    The words and symbols of man

    Do not believe false promises

    Conspiring to cover up the truth

    Find solace in darkness within yourself

    And have your legions unleashed

    Do not withhold the air

    Of your very last breath

    In the end of days

    You will transcend life and death

    Let the one who is fit

    Be the King

    Of the Heavens above

    And all worlds down below

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