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    Roy Harper »

    Roy Harper The Fourth World текст песни

    The Fourth World

    It’s high time to fly
    In the face of the lie
    It is over
    To slave for ideals
    That have long been ordeals
    Must be over
    So come on you man
    Don’t be conned yet again
    Finding out you’ve got nowt…
    Must be over… for good

    Sometimes I vote
    For the man in the coat
    But I’m dreaming
    With community dead
    And rat race instead
    I’d be dreaming
    That I could be heard
    In the state of absurd
    Really dreaming… whacko…
    Right out there
    (For good?)

    You know in your heart of hearts
    In your vision
    In your children
    That you’ve gotta make a new start
    In this hour of decision

    If you are the tabloid
    Caught up in this typhoid
    Of cuckoo
    Still hoarding the butter
    In the mountains of muttering
    Spreading this gospile
    According to hostile
    Well fuck you… fuck you
    You deserted the spirit forever… sheep
    Fuck you… for good

    Why don’t you fuck off
    With your certified culture
    Whimping away to some
    Pasturised future
    Killing the airwaves
    Gannets for guano
    Shit for propaganda
    Radio dumbo

    The people who’ve got
    Three worlds on sale (just gimme)
    Would rip the fourth apart
    Re-package you
    Rip you off
    Flog the only heart
    In the sell out, the sell out
    Not brave enough to change it
    Too low down to inherit the earth

    So look in the mirror
    And tell me
    It’s all going to happen
    That the doors of perception
    And justice
    Will finally open
    All by themselves
    Without lifting a finger
    Just by hoping… just by hoping…
    Pandora’s box…

    So fill all the forms in
    With misinformation and vanish
    Or pass to your children
    The code they will need to diminish
    The world that you knew
    That you brought them into
    For the anguish
    For the relish… for the fish…
    For all of us

    You know in your heart of hearts… etc

    So pull up a fire
    And throw down your gun
    The fourth world is here
    Soon there’ll either be none
    Or one global village
    With faces as bright as the sun

    One global village
    With faces as bright as the sun

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