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  • The Genius »

    The Genius The Genius is Slammin’ текст песни

    The Genius is Slammin’

    What I’m about to flow on is so dope
    The average hip hop fiend couldn’t cope
    Or explain my style because it’s hard to define
    So the fiend scratch and think and nod to the rhyme
    That I lay down in a straight narrow path
    While beats are just flowin’ off a modern phonograph
    Bass loud, high hats crisp and clear
    That’ll never let a weak MC interfere
    Or bring about some technical difficulties
    So I got prepared and I wrote these
    Rhymes That just broke loose from the brain
    Searching for dope beats on the same plane
    For you to write new rhymes it is a must
    But I come off with rhymes old as dust
    Even as a speck of dust it existed
    Ya got that?
    Forget it, ya missed it

    I’m slammin’
    The Genius is slammin’

    You flip me on the mic, no way
    That’s me being played in April on the 1st day
    Now who’s a fool? What do you strive for?
    Prime time juice on the box and fans galore
    Forget it, cause you’re not hype as they want you
    With a maximum of 200 your rhymin’ IQ
    Is 10, meaning thin, you’ll never win
    So erase that, I’m not gonna lose friend
    I know you’re gassed, ya charged, and kinda stuck up
    But I define your challenge, a total fuck up
    And it’s critical, a crying shame
    How many MC’s challenge me, and die in vain
    But you should’ve came with ya whole rap
    Community, now where’s your unity
    Cause what I see right now is you and I
    And you’re too weak to stop me from doin’ my
    Damage, you know, type of body and fender
    NAH!, not the same way I did Brenda
    But you had the audacity to step to me
    Thinking you was Butch Cassidy and you could do me
    How can you do me when you don’t know me
    And out of the hip hop styles ya couldn’t show me
    One style that may have damaged me
    But that’s something you’ll never see


    M.C. means mic constructor I build
    That have suckers running like what track and field
    When I conduct please don’t interrupt
    With ya if’s or and’s or but’s keep ya mouth shut
    The hip hop style that I own is highly known
    To bury MC’s like a dog bury bones
    And in this field, yo, I’m extraordinary
    And in my back yard there’s a cemetary
    Of meek MC’s who try to speak
    And off preak technique that’s soft and very weak
    Yet they still have the heart to ask me to duel
    And like Mr. T, I pity the fool
    The shining chrome microphone is the device
    That makes me stand out like men amongst mice
    So respond to the stimuli then fly

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