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  • RZA »

    RZA The Grunge текст песни

    The Grunge

    car 36, 36, we got a situation in progress

    37 between 106th

    we got a possible homicide

    all cars, all cars, we got a situation down

    Aiyo, toxi’ off the grey goose, vodka, shots of hypnotic

    Ya’ll bitches want beef, son, you got it

    Fresh off the bliz-knock, Bob Diz-noc

    Plex on the K.B., son, you get shiz-not

    Right in your hiz-ead, you’ll be diz-ed

    Don’t front on this nigga, I’mma from New York Ci-zey!

    Ya’ll butter pec’, make my nuts weak

    Have me walk around, talkin’ backward with stutter speak

    Like tuh tuh tuh tuh tuh, buh buh buh buh

    Butter pec’, make my nutter weak

    And ya’ll crabs down south, you ain’t got a clue

    How it feel to slip in that papi chino power u

    White Cadillac truck just high beamed us

    Mami look like she was Angie Martinez

    I don’t espanol, I play imposter

    I was like «Mamacita, yah yah, que pasa?»

    And slip back to my casa

    She was like «Nigga! You sound like rasta!»

    I’m the ace in the decks…

    I’m the ace in the deck, still casin’ a Tec

    That filled with the taste of the lead, buck buck

    The bass and the treb’, the space in the back

    Where chumps walk by, and they face get slapped

    I’m not known to talk a lot

    Sit on five whips, son, so I don’t walk a lot

    Got ten chicks, so I don’t hawk a lot

    Been around the world, but I love New York a lot

    Especially up in Bedstuy, with those crazy Cuffies

    Or in Fort Green, with those crazy Cuffies

    Ya’ll floss like ya’ll Jay-Z and Puffy’s

    You get robbed, bucked down by a crazy Cuffie

    Bobby! Fuckin’ the mics is my hobby

    Fuckin’ the mics is my hobby

    Bobby, Bobby, Bobby, Bobby, Bobby, Bobby

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