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    Demoniciduth The Holy Warrior текст песни

    The Holy Warrior

    [Music : Martins/Nahalal/Taanak]
    [Lyrics : Ashtaroth-Karnaïm/Taanak]

    Jesus was crucified to save our lives and wash our sins:
    He’s The Holy Warrior!
    They put Him a crown of thorns and a reed on His right hand.
    They mocked Him and insulted Him, saying : "Hail, The King of Jews!".
    And they spit upon Him, took the reed and smote Him.
    After they had mocked Him, took Him to crucify Him.
    They went to Golgotha, called "The place of The Skull".
    Then, He was crucified and reviled by the people.
    They were wagging their heads, saying :
    "If you’re The Son of God, You can come down from the cross!".
    He resisted to the temptations.
    Holy Warrior.
    After hours of sufferance, The Son of God has died.
    Jesus defeated the death, three days later revived.
    When Jesus has arrived, the men who were afraid,
    Said those words with great fear, that He truly was The Son of God.
    Despite the sentences that we’ve related you,
    Some people don’t accept the sacrifice on the cross
    Of Jesus our Saviour, Who paid the price for our sins.
    Accept Him and live forever, reject Him and die forever.
    Holy Warrior.
    [Matthew 27:27-54]

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