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    Running Wild »

    Running Wild The Hussar текст песни

    The Hussar

    [Music: Rolf Kasparek]
    [Lyrics: Rolf Kasparek]

    Mordant wall of smoke, barrels glow, shot their load
    Gunfire takes your breath, balls of lead causing death
    Thunderstorm breaks loose, the slaughter’s son, life’s on the loose
    Sounding the attack, soldiers fall, back to back

    The roaring horde is near, pounding hooves, mortal fear
    The soldiers bravely stand, they try hard to defend

    Till the end!

    Riding the attack
    Yelling screams of the fallen
    Thunder, blood and pain
    Madness reigns, hell is calling now

    Thunder shakes the ground, a deadly force, pound by pound
    Frightened, nerves are blank, horseman ride, hit the flank
    Cold sweat down their neck, death will ride one last attack
    Fearsome battle cry, flashing guns, soldiers die

    Tell me why!

    [Leadbreak Rolf]

    Horror, death and pain, the devil smiles, so what’s the gain?
    Stretching out his claw to feed his laughing greedy jaw

    Greedy jaw!


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