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  • Sandra »

    Sandra The Journey текст песни

    The Journey

    (A: Cold Out Here)
    Darkness forever
    Neverending night
    Flame in the ashes
    Water turns to ice
    Oh it’s cold out here
    It’s cold out here
    (B: I’m Alive)
    Wake up to the break of day
    Wake up from a dream
    World outside is dark and grey
    No one in the streets
    Can you hear me
    I’m alive
    Don’t know where you’ve been last night
    Don’t know where to go
    I hope that you’re alright
    Walk an endless road
    Can you see me
    I’m alive
    Can you hear me
    I’m alive
    (C: Paintings)
    Paintings in yellow
    Sun in the night
    Dream of life
    Will this dream come true some day
    Paintings in yellow
    Believe me when i say
    Don’t know how
    But i try to make you see
    (D: Come Alive)
    Dreamin the impossible
    Cryin for the moon
    I keep the dream alive
    I know you’ll learn this too
    Can you see me
    Come alive
    Can you hear me
    Come alive
    (E: The End)
    Darkness is over
    Light is in your eyes
    I hear your laughter
    Lyin by your side
    Won’t be cold in here
    Won’t be cold in here

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