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    Mood Ruff »

    Mood Ruff The Knack текст песни

    The Knack

    From dusk til dawn my click bringin hits heavy by the ton
    Odario and Spitz yeah we moving on
    Kicking balistics
    All night long your favorite song

    I’ve got this obsessive compulsive type reaction
    Craving for perfection when it comes to rhyme selection
    No detection or flaws
    We got the rhymes to drop drawers
    Resevoirs that are fluid and drown competitors

    Without a doubt we got The Knack to entice
    Quick to shout it out to all the brothers on the mic
    Give the people the style they like
    Respect ya like, so your mic sound nice

    Yo, microphone check one, hip hop expression
    In it’s simpliest form it means pay attention
    No exception, we gets biz with no questions
    So ahead of my time, had to wait for my reflection
    MCs want to test but I got exemption
    Lay on the pressure like water retention
    I feel bloated, spill what I got and reload it
    In Mood Ruff they trust tot bust raw, don’t misquote it

    [Odario] We are the architects
    [Spitz] We innovate the now to achieve the next
    [Odario] Fine design and when we build a track
    A known fact, we got The Knack for that (yeah)
    A Knack for that
    [Odario] We are the architects
    [Spitz] We innovate the now to achieve the next
    [Odario] Fine design and when we build a tralock
    A known fact, we got The Knack for that (yeah)
    A Knack for that

    I’mma get nice on this mic device with ’nuff lyrics
    To crush spirits of MCs that generic
    Mood Ruff sound just like WHAT
    I won’t hear it
    Why’s there a need to compare it?
    T-O Engineering to make the head nod, body rock
    Light up the spot so B-boys can pop lock
    Vinyl in the hands of Stress and Dr. Shock
    Finesse and Grasshopper got the city on lock
    Go on with your big talk
    Sure shot, Mood Ruff outline wack rhymes in chalk
    You defeat me is like hail mary jumpshots
    From the parking lot with no time on the clock


    System automatic, my rhyme sporatic
    I have you out your dills like bad credit
    You can’t let it, get inside your head
    Situation down to leave a man dead
    Like infrared I apply mad pressure
    The lost one need some new direction
    I run tings, like a pacemaker
    The breath taker, the mover the shaker
    The mountain top when it comes to hip hop
    My mood’s real smooth and proves to show shock
    With the Mood Ruff sound going from town to town
    Respect the local, see the world reknown
    Then advance at the hands of time and reason
    See the promised land, let let me in
    Tell ‘em who’s the man
    Tell ‘em why we’re here
    Now rewind this back and let let me begin

    CHORUS (repeat 2x)

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