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  • Rollins Band »

    Rollins Band The Whole Truth текст песни

    The Whole Truth

    Hello! Say what? Oh yeah? Too much.
    What’s new? What’s up? I here you’re messed up, in trouble, in pain
    No need to explain — Expectation let you down
    See yourself inside — When it gets real do you hide?
    Can you face them or do they chase you down
    How it could be and how it is — What it should be and what it is
    Just another version of the big fat truth
    Mind the gap, see the distance — It’s the blueprint of resistance
    Try to get your point across and it gets knocked back
    Confrontation — static
    Intimidation — panic
    Eye to eye and wall to wall
    Can you see what’s here? Does it fill you with fear?
    Can you keep your distance from what you hate?
    Unbelievable, unreal, too shocked to feel
    Look out! Mind the gap!

    The truth ain’t nothin’ but the truth

    Oh no! You don’t say! They don’t see it your way?
    In the dark everyone was just like you
    Now you’re mad, uptight because the world’s not right
    You don’t think and it makes you sad
    Attitude affected, your way — rejected
    Stupidity to get you through
    Check out the gap that’s all around you
    Try to get close, it astounds you
    How these people can be so relentlessly cold

    Too easy, so blind. Too tough to be kind
    Man, you’re like some guy in a comic book
    Get real, pull your head out
    Get up, and get the lead out
    Man, I know you can do better than that
    Yeah you could stay away from arms length away from life
    But it takes strength to get up close and go all the way live
    Bridge the gap, take the first step
    The more you go, the more you get
    Down with the program and on with the show

    The truth ain’t nothin’ but the truth

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