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  • Rupert Hine »

    Rupert Hine The Wildest Wish to Fly текст песни

    The Wildest Wish to Fly

    I was not the fighter
    So I should not want for shelter
    With helpless ears I hear again
    That even more are dead
    Than anyone has ever said

    I was not the fighter
    Still the echoes of their gunfire
    Penetrate my sleepy state
    And I am walking in the shadow
    Of a man I cannot see

    How could the boy so in love with war planes
    Have seen his first flight shot down in flames
    He was just a dreamer
    With the wildest wish to fly

    I was not the fighter
    No one shoots to spill my blood
    But while this night rages so violently
    The hawk circles above
    And he was just a dreamer
    With a conscience and in love
    He wore his wings just like a crown
    Yet still they shot him down


    Framed inside the doorway
    And there’s someone much like me
    A shadow of the man he used to be
    Have young men ever understood
    The games old men will play
    Was there anyone left with him today


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