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  • Rollins Band »

    Rollins Band Thinking Cap текст песни

    Thinking Cap

    Just took off my thinking cap
    It got filled up with too much crap
    Sat underneath the table and waited for the scraps
    Morsels from the feast that you used to bait the trap, yeah

    You set your sights to shoot me like a pigeon made of clay
    You hit me but you missed me
    You can’t catch me, there’s no way, no

    Go on try it again
    Na… ya missed me
    All right stay with me son, we’re working here
    Ya ready, we’ll see

    I’ve watched you trash the mountain that was built before your time
    You had to blow it up because you couldn’t make the climb
    You hide behind your money, it’s too much for me to take
    You and I both know you’re just another junkie fake

    Come on, burn out
    Come on, burn out
    Come on, burn out, burn out, burn out

    The same way that it starts is the same way that it ends
    You watch them going up and you see them falling down again

    It’s such a long way down

    Lets’ See multiple nose jobs, breast augmentation definitely, dyed hair, bleached teeth
    They did something to your chin, don’t know what that’s about, it’s intense though
    It’s like putting pearls on swine
    You can dress up a pig but it’s still a pig isn’t it

    Oink, Oink….Oink, Oink…. ha ha

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