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  • Lil' Wayne »

    Lil' Wayne This Is The Carter текст песни

    This Is The Carter

    (feat. Mannie Fresh)

    [Lil Wayne talking]
    Ok I’m finally perfect, ya know
    Yall already know what it is and if you don’t
    Then the great Mannie Fresh will enlighten you

    [Hook: Mannie Fresh]
    Ladies and gentlemen, pimps and playas
    Half ass rappers and true rhyme sayers
    This is the Carter, so hold onto your teenage daughter
    Because this is the Carter, a lot more rich and a whole lot smarter
    Wayne in ya brain young Carter
    Wayne in ya brain young Carter

    [Lil Wayne]
    Who am I, young wizzle fa shizzle
    Flow sicker than a third floor in hospitals
    My charm starburst, my watch skittles
    I’m hot sizzle, what up hot bizzle
    Holla at a playa, I’m sorta like BD
    Yall can’t stop my dribble, or block the lay-ups
    Soft top the Coupe, mami pop her too
    Don’t chase the feelin baby girl let it come to you
    Remove the ceiling on the girl now she comfortable
    I’ma world class G mami fuck wit dude
    I got Lazy-Boy bank that’s comfort loot
    I’ma offense coordinator run the shoe
    You watch your grill what you ought to do
    Fore’ your ribs get barbecued
    And my ribs is showin I say I’m starving dude
    This, this, this, this, this is the Carter dude
    What up Reel, c’mon


    [Lil Wayne]
    I’m the Birdman Birdman Jr. bitch
    I be high in the sky shit on you and yo bitch
    I be flyer than your guy nigga lose the prick
    Now if ya follow everything just grab a wing
    And we could sssssshhhhhhhh
    All the way down to the mall and bet I buy it all
    Young Mar’ picture the broad lick
    All the way down to the balls then she wipe it off
    If getting money is wrong I ain’t right at all
    I young money a car I just write it off
    I’m the boss of my own shit, I’m my own click
    I would say fuck ya but go and get ya own dick
    Get ya game up boy hustle harder
    This, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this
    Get ya game up boy hustle harder
    This, this, this, this, this, this is the Carter, yea


    [Lil Wayne]
    And yall better blame Baby
    Cuz he the muthufucka that made me, and I’m crazy
    And yall ask why I never left the navy
    Cuz he the muthufucka that pay me, is you crazy
    Young, young, young wizzle baby
    Give you yo issue, me don’t wanna kiss you
    No, no, no me no want no bullshit
    So, so stop baller blockin cuz a nigga hood rich
    And I floss everyday because I could bitch
    So holla at ya boy cuz I’m still on some hood shit
    Like, like, like whats really good wit ya mom or your lil boy
    And your sister lookin good shit, shit
    I’m still Apple Eagle weasel
    1-7 Hollygrove never ever ever leave you
    I got yall waitin on my sequel
    This, this, this, this, this, this is the Carter people

    [Hook Repeat X2]

    [Lil Wayne talking until the end]

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