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  • Rodney Crowell »

    Rodney Crowell Time To Go Inward текст песни

    Time To Go Inward

    It’s time to go inward take a look at myself

    Time to make the most of the time that I’ve got left

    Prison bars imagined are no less solid steel

    Time to go inward would you believe that I’m afraid

    To stare down the barrel of the choices I have made

    The ghost of bad decisions make mountains out of everything I feel

    Outside my window the wind weaves a path through the trees

    The moon takes a shine to the shadows that fall on the leaves

    It’s time to go inward Hmmm

    I don’t know if I can do it after all that I’ve become

    I’ve been a fool for money but it’s vanity that always leaves me flat

    It’s time to go inward man I hope I have the nerve

    To take an inventory of the causes that I serve

    They say a man without a conscience is like a man without a country

    or something like that

    It’s time to go inward time to be still

    If I don’t do it now I don’t believe I ever will

    My mind is like a chatterbox whose noise pollutes the pathways

    to my soul

    Time to go inward time to get a grip

    Time to put an end to one long bad acid trip

    I’m all out of excuses for the way I’ve let my choices take a toll

    Jesus and Buddah and Krishna and Minnie Pearl knew

    Do unto other the things you want done unto you

    Time to go inward take a look at me

    Try to make some sense of life’s illusions that I see

    Try to solve the riddle of what it is I have to offer to this world

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