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    Rundgren Todd »

    Rundgren Todd Too Far Gone текст песни

    Too Far Gone

    Why don’t you write your mother
    Why don’t you call your family
    They’re expecting an answer
    Spare them your strange behavior
    What of your expectations
    Weren’t you going to show us all
    Some new kind of dancer
    This season’s singing savior

    I’m too far gone, and it’s no use pretending
    I could ever forget what I done
    I’m already too far gone,
    I got no bridges left to burn
    It’s better to keep moving on
    It’s such a long way down, too far to fall
    Too much trouble to turn back around

    Think of your friends and neighbors
    Suffering through your lamest years
    You must owe them something
    Come now, you must remember
    Haven’t you finished playing
    Get down to business soon
    Because your lean years are coming
    June now, but come December

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