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    Runrig Transl. The Big Wheel текст песни

    Transl. The Big Wheel

    The wheels keep turning. The
    Road stretches north and south.
    The wheels keep moving. Like the
    Globe they keep turning around.
    The wheels keep turning. Through
    Each country land and sea.
    Through the glents and the
    Cities towards the place that
    You call your own. This is the
    Big wheel that never stands
    Still. Turning our youth to old
    Age. Tonight the road reaches
    Out before us and the present
    Time is the only time we have.
    Many are the days that have
    Gone. The wind blowing through
    The dust of the earth. Many are
    The days that the sun rose on us
    Standing in the barley when we
    Were young. Joyful. Joyful.
    Running through the fields as
    They grew. Ripe. Golden. Looking
    Towards the open skies waiting
    For the journey. Glasgow.
    Edinburgh. Invernes. Stirling.
    Stornoway. Aberdeen.
    Fort-William. Dundee. London.
    Germany. Ireland. America. The
    Big wheel. The big wheel.

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