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  • Romeo »

    Romeo U Can’t Shine Like Me текст песни

    U Can’t Shine Like Me

    (feat. C-Los & Young-V)

    [Intro: Romeo]

    Are you serious man? [laughs]

    The ice in the chain man, the ice in the watch

    They must not know who I be!

    We got the hood Preston in the building

    "Don’t start nuttin,’ won’t be nuttin!" [x3]

    He’s back!

    [Chorus x2:]

    You can’t shine like me, you ?ain’t no? rider like me

    Pull dimes like me, if you ain’t from the streets

    I’m a hood star, you know who I’m is (ehh-ah!)

    I rock big ice, you can’t live how I live (ehh-ah!)


    Geah, ten karats on my earlobes, chick!

    BBS on my wrist, twenty karats on my neck

    While y’all slidin’ in the lil’ bitty 06 ‘Vette

    I’m waitin’ on the runway for my G4 Jet

    I’m ahead of the game, you see you boys got next

    Did a lil’ bit of actin’ just ta stack a few chips

    I ain’t gotta remind y’all, how the game go

    I’m the youngest wit a clothin line, first wit a TV show

    I ain’t in the pros and I got three Black cards! (three?)

    Call the Saints ova, they can practice in the backyard (Maaaan!) [laughs]

    I do it big, I guess I say I’m just the best at it (at it)

    Had a mil’ early man, I been learn my mathematics (heh, heh)

    Uh, aw, oh, two, coped an ’06

    Boy stop stunnin’ if I want her, I can have ya chick (what’d he say?)

    Don’t get it twisted Richie Rich so gutta

    Youse a momma’s boy, I’m the son of a hustla [laughs]

    [Chorus x2]


    See me; I’m so fly, an I’m different from them other brothers

    Only sixteen and I don’t, live home wit mother

    Me, I keep it real! Don’t believe, you can ask my brother

    Kids poppin they grillz in, they think they gettin tougher

    They tryna take off they shirts think they gettin buffer

    I’m benchin’ one-eighty and that’s just wit one muscle (just one)

    I see dudes tryna act like me, be like me

    Dawg, even dress like me? NOOO!

    Ya not me and there won’t be anotha

    Skip dat; let me get to the jewels and da cuddle

    So many rocks on my hand, got me feelin like a hustla

    Got a wizard on ya hands kinda like a Ron Butler

    Who me? I just learn from the best hood star

    Down South wit a mansion on the West, yes!

    I got a Bentley that I don’t even drive

    and I just bought a Phantom just to see how it ride

    [Chorus x2]

    [Young V:]

    Young V, check the six time zone

    Throw away ya lil’ jewlery, all dat fake rhinestone

    My ride home, ’cause it the me in the Range

    Check the bank account whodi, I’m consistent wit game

    Check that paint color boy, it consistently change

    Me and my big brother paid, man; we changin the game!

    Look, ice in my mouth, I’m so country and gutta

    I’ma hood star Rich Boy number one hustla


    I’m in the big GT with heavy metal on the seat

    I lose the roof on twenty two’s, canary yellow on my teeth

    You dudes slow, I don’t eva see you catchin up on me

    You way below sea level, me I’m steppin’ on the beach

    No reach I’m ahead a you, my houses is all in {?}

    Kool-Aid in the water fountain, cost about three thousand THOUSANDS

    Listen, I’m thuggin’ man know how I’m rockin’ !

    And keep me mo dimes than john Stockton, watch

    [Chorus x2]

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