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    Manic Hispanic »

    Manic Hispanic Uncle Chato’s Garden текст песни

    Uncle Chato’s Garden

    Party tommorrow and I’m getting all excited
    Everyone in my Barrio’s invited
    All the hienas will be looking fine
    And cervezas will be flowin’

    My abuelita has been cooking for a week straight
    Home-made tamales will be pilin’ on our plate
    Cousin Hector’s always first in line
    Cause he’s such a big panzone

    My homeboy Rudy, he just got out of the pen
    Swears to the Virgin he ain’t comin’ back again
    The P.O gave him rules that you know were made to bend
    Now he’ll be doing 5 to 10


    Come out ese
    Come out ese
    Come out ese
    And we will celebrate Cinco de Mayo in my Uncle Chato’s…

    When the sun goes down the party will be pumpin’
    Food is blazing and the stereo’s jumpin’
    Take a drink
    Cause it’s free red wine
    And pick a fight with my old lady

    And I wish I had a Malibu (?) ride
    Lowered to the ground with the leopard skin inside
    A picture of the Virgin Mary to keep us all alive
    And we can cruise the Barrio with pride!


    And I hope there’s nothing wrong out there
    I think I see some chavalas from a rival crew
    (What’s a Vato to do?)


    Pour more cerveza..
    Look at Spire he’s always passed out.
    Jack his wallet!

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