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    Tamia Un’h…To You текст песни

    Un’h…To You

    Can I have a moment just to talk to you?
    Let me just explain what I been goin’ through
    So fine you are
    Got my mind messed up
    You got me thinkin’ things most blissfully
    Tell me if you want me

    Un’h, when I think of you
    Un’h, makes me wanna do
    Un’h, crazy things when I’m alone with you
    Un’h, when the lights go out
    Un’h, that’s when I’m all about
    Un’h, un’h, to you

    If you wanna see what’s really goin’ on
    Don’t you wanna find the spot that turns me on
    I can tell you’ve got what it takes
    To satisfy me
    I must admit it baby, oh oh

    When I start to fantasize
    You were there rubbin’ on my thighs
    Touchin’ me, and kissin’ me
    Feels so real, like you’re here with me

    Chorus x2 & Bridge

    Oh baby
    (For the playin’ niggas)
    (For the playin’ niggas)
    (For the playin’ niggas)
    (For the playin’)
    Un’h, un’h
    (For the playin’ niggas)
    Un’h, un’h
    (For the playin’ niggas)
    Un’h, un’h
    (For the playin’ niggas)
    Un’h, un’h
    When I think of you

    Chorus Fade

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