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    Lavigne Avril »

    Lavigne Avril Unwanted текст песни


    All they did was walk over
    Start off by shaking your hands
    That’s how it went
    I had a smile on my face and I sat up straight
    Oh, yeah, yeah
    I wanted to know you
    I wanted to show you

    You don’t know me
    Don’t ignore me
    You don’t want me there
    You just shut me out
    You don’t know me
    Don’t ignore me
    If you had your way
    You’d just shut me out
    Make me go away

    No, I just don’t understand why
    You won’t talk to me
    It hurts until I’m wanted for nothing
    Don’t talk words against me
    I wanted to know you
    I wanted to show you

    Make me go away

    I tried to be long
    It didn’t seem wrong
    My head aches
    Its been so long
    I write this song
    That’s what it takes

    [chorus (2x)]
    Make me go away
    Make me go away

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