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  • Running Wild »

    Running Wild Victory текст песни


    [Music: Rolf Kasparek]
    [Lyrics: Rolf Kasparek]

    The gods of past and future, returning from the sky
    Defenders of the holy, they are soaring on high
    All slaves of evils’ kingdom, dropping down like flies
    The final raging battle that’s when the evil dies

    The poison of illusion, the world falls asleep
    The evil reigns its kingdom by cunning and deceit
    The force of seduction, chaos in the game
    Man is trapped in blindness, praising Dorkas’ name

    Darkness falls and light will rise
    The force of judgement finally strikes


    Selfdestructive mankind’s like wax in his hands
    War and plain destruction are fit to set an end
    A vulnerable system to serve the evil’s way
    Raising all its madness until the final day


    Terror reigns in the prophecy
    "Babylon" will fall, so plain to foresee
    A nightmare rules the mirage of gold
    Slipping to damnation by trying to hold

    [Leadbreak Rolf]

    The rivalry is dying, the longawaited end
    Destruction of all evil, no power could defend
    Dorkas’ crown is falling, he’s melting down in pain
    His kingdom falls to pieces, dying in the flame


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