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  • David Phelps »

    David Phelps Visions Of God текст песни

    Visions Of God

    She gently falls asleep
    Her head is laid upon my lap.
    The highway sings a soothing lullaby.
    My daughter here beside me
    My little boy is in the backseat
    Outlined by the headlights from behind.
    I ask the Lord to freeze us here in time
    As my son reaches out his hand to mine.


    Silhouettes sent from Heaven
    Paint a portrait of eternal things.
    A fleeting glimpse like a vapor
    Brings remembrance of what is holy.
    Clean and pure, unblemished and unflawed
    Oh, come to me sweet visions of God.

    I hear her whisper sweetly
    "I made this for you, Daddy."
    Her crayon masterpiece says, “I love you”.
    At last a bedtime story
    They rush to get beneath the sheets (They gather underneath the sheets)
    For Peter Pan, Pinocchio, and Pooh.
    They cling to every word until the end
    Then they close their eyes and drift to Neverland.


    So often I have missed Him
    Like a shadow in the night
    A familiar face I fail to recognize
    But He is there in pigtails,
    Peek-a-boo and piggyback rides
    A kiss, a gentle touch, a baby’s cry.


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