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    Lil' Wayne »

    Lil' Wayne Watcha Wanna do текст песни

    Watcha Wanna do

    Nigga, huh?
    Nigga, what?

    I’m shootin’, flee
    Pollutin’ you and your niggas, betta run from me
    Comin’ through in a strap… with a 223
    You be losin’ your life when you caught up… in beef
    What? Nigga nigga, shiiiit!
    Now, I’m ridin’, ride
    With a K on my side
    50 shots flyin’, fly
    Nigga, you want beef with I?
    I hope you lyin’, but why?
    In the middle of tha night, I be fatigued, camouflagin’ by
    Huh? Nigga, what? Takin’ me for a joke, and watch me hurt cha
    Boys there, they be commercial… I beat ‘em ’til they purple
    I’m a lil’ bitty nigga, but I got a big ole chop, 2′s that’ll kill 50 niggas
    Didja do it? Thought it was cool?
    But cha still in it, nigga
    Your so ugly with your boys, but I’m still pretty, nigga
    Lil’ Wayne representin’
    I cut like blades, I bust heads, and break legs
    I tear up dreads, take our breads, now go figure
    What? From tha 17th, I back down from no nigga
    Had me four deep in four cars on your block with four triggas
    Man… ya’ll niggas ain’t up for this!!
    Ya’ll hatin’ on me, you can suck my dick!
    Didn’t I tell ya ta chill?
    Guerrilla, you can play if you want
    Find yourself in tha back-a my trunk
    Ho, feminine punk!

    Now, nigga, what?! Huh?! (What?!)
    Nigga, watcha wanna do?!
    Nigga, huh?! What?! What?!
    Watcha wanna do?!
    Nigga, I say what?! Huh?! Huh?!
    Watcha wanna do?!
    Nigga, huh?! What?! What?!
    Watcha wanna do?!

    Now I be Wayne Wayne Wayne… from CMB
    50 shots, flame flame flame… from artillery
    Bullets, they stain stain stain… burn like rubber on tha streets
    (Screech!) If you can’t hang, find your way from ’round me
    Lil’ soldier in all black off-a A.N.E.
    I pullin’ ego, my nigga, so ain’t no playin’ me
    Yeah, I may be… a lil’ small and all that
    But I’m ’bout war, totin’ a gat, flippin’ a car and all that
    Now freeze! Me and my g’s hitchyour hood like fleas
    Soldier rag, black ‘Bauds, white T’s, and Ree’s
    Please, tell me that you was fulla weed
    When you said you want beef
    ‘Cause I don’t think nonna ya’ll famileez wan’ see ya’ll bleed
    I know what tha hell it be
    Ya’ll niggas don’t listen up when we speak
    I be ten-deep
    Lettin’ 223′s chop trees
    (?) told me not ta be weak, and let a nigga play me

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