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    Rogue Traders »

    Rogue Traders Way To Go! текст песни

    Way To Go!

    Drive fast, don’t crash, make your money, make it last

    Hang tight, kick back, prepare yourself for the attack-

    Buy low, sell high, take your pills, tell your lies

    Fake your tan, wear a tie ?

    Go to the gym you’ll never die!

    And that’s the way to go!

    And that’s the way to go ? to go!

    Fake it baby — They won’t even know!

    You can make it ?

    Cos everybody knows that that’s the way to go

    Tune in, drop out, raise your voice, never shout

    Find your true love on the couch, this is what it’s all about

    Change your face, keep your name, keep it real don’t play the game

    ? don’t you know they’re all the same ? don’t you know they’re all the same?

    Dig deep, fly low, celebrate a tv show

    Raise the stakes, drop the pressure, happiness you’ll never measure

    Bite your tongue, pay the man, time to start your five year plan

    Holiday in Vietnam, then blow a kiss to Uncle Sam.

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