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    Romeo »

    Romeo We Can текст песни

    We Can


    Now its kinda crazy we been together three days

    I need you in my life girl never go away

    What you mean you about to move

    Who gonna take walks with you to school

    You cant leave me home alone

    Things was going to good, why move ya rome

    I dont wanna talk over a cell phone

    Its to much, why talkin digital roam

    You to special, I cant see you gone that long

    To be honest, you n me was like clones

    We both love working hard, and plus on that

    You have my back I really respect that cant

    Split us apart like siamise twins

    Rappers need mics, parents need kids

    Thinkin over to long but it felt like we did

    Could it be love at first sight, maybe it is

    [Hook: x2]

    I know we can get through, we can get through

    We can get through it…

    I know we can get through, we can get through

    We can get through it…


    When I first seen I knew u sumthin special (yea)

    Im so glad that I met you (yea)

    If u ever fall Im here to catch you

    You always say Im superman to the rescue

    Now can I take your hand

    I wanna be your man

    This is the way I feel

    The love is really real

    Sometimes they say love is blind

    I just wanna make youe mine

    I wanna make you my Alicia Keys

    If I aint got you then there aint no need

    Cause it hurt when I aint around you girl

    Your my four leaf clover, let a flight girl

    To be honest you my everything

    I cant see me without you on everything

    [Hook x2]

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