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    Morbid Angel »

    Morbid Angel Welcome To Hell текст песни

    Welcome To Hell

    [Re-released on Altars Of Madness CD as "Evil Spells"]

    [Music & Lyrics: Azagthoth]

    Caught within my evil spell
    Now it’s time to burn in hell
    You were fooled on return
    You’re just a doll for him to burn
    See the reaper in his eyes
    Messenger — prince of flies
    Brain washed with sin and death
    Time to burn — my evil wrath

    Welcome To Hell…<i>[X2]

    Bring the children down to burn
    Once you fall — no return
    Sin takes you by surprise
    On this backwards hellbound ride
    Gates of hell drawing near
    Satan loves the taste of fear
    Quenching all with black desire
    Burn your souls in furnace fire

    Welcome To Hell…<i>[X2]

    Evil spell of the dead
    Messengers of your death
    Falling endless in your tomb
    Locked within infernal doom
    See the reaper in my eyes
    Messenger — prince of flies
    Warlock’s voice surrounds your dreams
    Baking soul within your screams

    Welcome To Hell…<i>[X2]

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