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    Rosanne Cash Western Wall текст песни

    Western Wall

    I stand here by the Western Wall,

    Baby, look at that wall, standin’ silent an’ tall.

    An’ I shove my prayers in the cracks.

    Got nothin’ to lose, no-one to answer back.

    All these years I’ve brought up for review,

    Wasn’t taught this but I learned somethin’ new.

    Had to answer a distant call,

    At the Western Wall.

    An’ I’ve got a heart full of fear,

    An’ I offer it up on this altar of tears.

    Red dust settles deep in my skin.

    Don’t know where it starts or where I begin.

    It’s a crumblin’ pile of broken stones;

    It ain’t much but it might be home.

    If I ever loved a place at all,

    It’s the Western Wall.

    Instrumental break.

    I don’t know if God was ever a man,

    But if She was, I think I understand.

    Why he found a place to break his fall,

    Near the Western Wall.

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