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    Devotchkas What Happened_ текст песни

    What Happened_

    One person talks alot of shit and everyone listens
    another speaks the truth and no one cares
    the scene is nothing but blank stares
    no one has a mind of their own

    What happened to the music?
    I can’t hear it!
    What happened to the unity?
    I can’t see it!
    What’s happened to the scene? It’s all lies…

    The lies are spreading fast like a nasty disease
    the kids are gonna’ agree just to appease
    you’re all full of shit and I don’t care
    You can take your rumours and shove ‘em up your ass


    Who are you to judge-you’re not a king
    Sit on your throne but you’ll be alone
    Don’t let your ego soar cuz’ no ones listening
    you’re gonna’ be the one who’s left behind


    This whole things gonna’ blow up in your face
    Everyones gonna’ realize you’re a disgrace
    you think you’ve got the scene by the collar
    But people will realize and stop being followers


    You think you’ve got the scene under your wing
    but things aren’t always as they seem
    it’s slipping from your fingers as I speak
    You’re gonna’ realize your way too weak


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