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    Ruben Studdard »

    Ruben Studdard What If текст песни

    What If

    Mm mm mm mmmmm

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm somebody bayyyy ooohohoooooo aw baby what if

    What if

    Yea yea girl

    What if

    Spend the day at the spa (anything you want)

    Different day different time (anything you want)

    Max out my card if you wanna,

    Whatever girl it aint no problem no,

    Take a trip on a yacht (anywhere you want) leave them bags we gonna shop,

    (anywhere you want) girl you know I’ll do whatever it takes,

    You know I love you like I used to love cake,

    Would you be cool if things changed,

    If I didnt roll the benz and you didnt push the Range,

    I know what we got its gone

    Last bay dont be mad but I still gotta ask,

    What if I was broke what if I was slim

    What if couldnt sing and I didnt win

    What if I had to catch the bus I’ll still stay

    Wit my momma so there aint no making love baby

    What if I had to used the payphone jus to get my game on would you still

    Wanna put it on me (what if

    Awww baby what if (what if

    Take the keys to my crib (anytime you want)

    Jus come over take a dip (anytime you want)

    How much you need girl imma front

    You there aint no limit to what ill do

    No imma break you off wit the ghetto love (anynight you want)

    Take yo time it aint no rush (anynight you want)

    I’m not tryin to do nothing to mess it up if I do I’ll spend 4 million to make it up

    Would you be cool if things changed,

    If I didnt roll the benz and you didnt push the Range,

    I know what we gots gonna last and

    Dont be mad but I still gotta ask,


    I would give up everything I dont care about money

    My life dont mean a thing not unless your a part of it

    Girl I know for sure that your the only one I need

    Tell me how would your life be would you still be my baby

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