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    Sam Cooke When A Boy Falls In Love текст песни

    When A Boy Falls In Love

    I’ve heard them say love was a wonderful things

    Something you couldn’t hide on a shelf

    But for me they no longer have to explain

    Because I know for myself

    He awakens each morn with a smile on his face

    When a boy is in love

    And the world to him is a beatiful place

    When a boy is in love

    He’s up and he’s gone

    There’s no breakfast for him

    Cause he lives on the love of his sweet little gem

    The days not through, though it’s not very long

    Before he must talk to his girl on the phone

    That’s how it is when a boy falls in love

    His girl’s voice on the phone brings him wondrous delight

    When a boy is in love

    If there’s been any darkness, it all fades from sight

    When a boys in love

    He can hardly wait til the moment they meet

    For he knows when he sees her his day will be complete

    When they’re finally alone and he kisses her lips

    The world sings a love song and his heart turns a flip

    That’s how it is when a boy falls in love

    At the end of the day the time comes they must part

    The strings of regret tear away at his heart

    And late in the night as he sleeps on his bed

    Visions of her sweet song, how they dance in his head

    And before you know he is buying a ring

    To capture forever that sweet darling thing

    That’s how it is when a boy falls in love

    That’s how it is when a boy falls in love

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