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    Lemar When A Heat Is Broken текст песни

    When A Heat Is Broken

    She wants to love him
    Ready to give up everything, to be there when he calls
    He wants to live life
    See the whole world
    Love don’t come easy at all

    Well i’ve been there like you before
    And i know how it feels when they walk out that door

    When a heart is broken
    You feel like giving up
    Living like a prisoner
    Convicted of love
    When you know it’s over
    It’s like a shot in the dark
    Trying to find your way back to the start
    When a heart is broken

    He wouldn’t let her hold him back
    So he set off on his way
    But she hoped he found the joy
    He was searching for
    She stayed and she cried a while
    Then decided to move on
    Cos she knew in life
    She deserved much more

    See only time can heal her pain
    Lord, i pray that she won’t make those mistakes again


    We all have our separate needs
    Our separate wants from life
    But if you love somebody
    See you both have to compromise
    Try to work it out
    Find a way to make things right
    If you don’t wanna lose in love
    If you don’t want a broken heart

    [Chorus x2]

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