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    Rundgren Todd »

    Rundgren Todd When Worlds Collide текст песни

    When Worlds Collide

    When worlds collide, the best of us
    Won’t be here with the rest of us
    They’ll drop before the paint has dried
    When worlds collide, when worlds collide

    The young today, I must confess
    Have lost the path of righteousness
    By settling for something less
    The smarty pants, they fail to see
    The posture of mortality
    Is just like common currency
    That’s the way it works for me

    So I dress like a brushing bride
    Because my every move is sanctified
    By claiming God is on my side
    When worlds collide, when worlds collide

    When worlds collide, the virtuous
    Will have to take the shuttle bus
    But we in limousines shall ride
    When worlds collide, when worlds collide

    These kids today, they have no pluck
    Don’t know the value of a buck
    They think all politicians suck
    But managing economies
    Is one of my best qualities
    Especially to friends like these
    I can favor the ones I please

    And if the mandate should be denied me
    Then there’s always something kept aside
    If you have grease then you can slide
    When worlds collide, when worlds collide

    When worlds collide, the devious,
    The cunning, and mischevious
    Will mourn the moral men who died
    When worlds collide, when worlds collide

    The youth today, I must relate
    Have not learned to appreciate
    The pleasures of the city-state
    They waste themselves on drugs and sex
    And boogieing in discotheques
    I’ll take them by their bleach-blond necks
    And conscript those I don’t reject

    Then I’ll serve them butchered and fried
    For a commander can sleep satisfied
    When someone’s licking one’s backside
    When worlds collide, when worlds collide

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