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    Rundgren Todd »

    Rundgren Todd Who’s Sorry Now текст песни

    Who’s Sorry Now

    You can feel the bodies aching
    You can feel the spirit waisting
    But it’s someone else’s children
    And it’s someone else’s problem in the end
    You just go about your business
    You’ve got bigger fish frying
    Someday you might be a witness
    Someday you may wake up crying like I cry

    What’s the problem?
    There’s no problem in your own little world
    What’s the bother?
    Can’t be bothered
    ’til your own little world goes to hell,
    Then you can tell

    We are all in this together
    We are all in this together
    We got to pull together
    And we can’t worry who’s sorry now
    Who’s sorry now,
    Now that everything is clear
    Who’s sorry now,
    Sorrow unspoken here
    Please take a bow

    You got so many distractions
    You got old friends to satisfy
    You’re afraid of the reaction
    If the others should find out, you’d falsify
    Maybe this could never happen
    Maybe God is on your side
    Tell yourself what I tell myself
    That it’s justice when somebody else must die

    It’s a hard life
    Such a hard life, it’s a hard little world
    Some are winners, some are losers
    Here in our little world
    But you’d sell out, beg, borrow, steal,
    Move mountains, if it was your own
    It was your own
    When it’s your own pretty baby

    There’s no method in the madness
    We all can’t escape the sadness
    Don’t surround your heart with hardness
    You may someday need someone to sympathize
    Before you’re crushed by your own selfishness
    You must confess

    Are you feeling sorry?
    Sorrow spoken here
    Who’s sorry now

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