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  • T.a.t.u. remake »

    T.a.t.u. remake Why i? текст песни

    Why i?

    From: Lofgrenn Enigma89@yandex.ru


    Please tell me why I wait for call
    Now without you I’m all along
    You told to me that I had fault
    I’m crying.
    Please tell me why we met in life
    Tell why I’m crying now all night
    Please call to me I wait for while
    You mine…

    What I got in this life
    If I never look back.
    Where Is my mind? In this night
    I don’t want sleep enough.
    Where I am ? Where you are?
    Where’s my mind I don’t know.
    In this day I’ll lose life
    But I don’t want to go!
    Set me free let me go
    Give me second for sleep.
    In this day I’ll loose life
    And I’ll go to the deep.
    In this night I’ll loose life
    But I won’t help to you.
    If I’d loose anything
    I should loose it with you.
    This the way of my life
    But it is not enough.
    In this night I’ll lose mind
    And I don’t want to stop.
    Not to go. To resist!
    And I don’t want to sleep.
    Where I am, what I need?
    And I go to the deep.
    I’m a star! I’m a star!
    I repeat it for me.
    But the stars burns away
    And I don’t want to see.
    Walk away! Walk away!
    I’m tired! I’m tired!
    Cause I hate you to now
    You & me…
    This the way of my life
    But for you I won’t fight.
    In this night I’ll loose life
    Only stop! Only stop!
    Let me burn in the fire
    I know I made a sin.
    I see low I see high
    And I feel it within.
    Let me be all along
    Leave my hand, go away.
    Maybe my deeds are wrong
    Only hate! Only hate!
    Pulse is no. I have cold.
    And it’s only my fault…
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