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    Roman Candle Why Modern Radio Is A-Ok текст песни

    Why Modern Radio Is A-Ok

    I was down at my favorite watering hole
    with a buddy of mine that was out on parole
    and we were flipping through the jukebox,
    talking how wed been and how we are.

    Well hed got a library card and hed pierced his tongue
    And a buddy in prison had turned him onto Neil Young
    And he thought itd be best to play some for the entire bar.

    Now he didnt know it but while he was in Jail
    Id had my heart broke by a woman to wondrous to tell
    And wed fallen in love to half the songs that jukebox played

    So when he flattened his dollar on the side of the machine
    and I saw comes a time come on the karaoke screen
    Id realized there was a few things I had forgot to say:

    Dont play Neil Young
    Dont play Van Morrison
    Just let some high school emo band start versing and chorusing
    Because theres no way it will break my heart as far as I can see
    And thats why modern radio is A OK with me.

    (Over the sound of the bar noise my friend looked at me and said):

    He said a pop song used to be a powerful thing,
    you could turn on the am and John Lennon would sing
    or Frank Sinatra would speak to all of the girls.

    And you could think like a hawk or think like a dove
    or think of a winter afternoon when you fell in love and
    Ten songs on a record sounded like a string of pearls.

    Now my buddy rattled on till an hour had passed
    And I thought about shoving his head through the front door glass
    And leaving him for dead, but a friend is a friend to stay.

    So I listened to him talk about Johnny and June
    And how true love goes from midnight to noon
    I bought another round just in time to hear him say:

    They dont play Sam Cooke
    They dont play John Cash
    They let some high school emo band play the prettiest trash
    And theres no way it can break my heart as far as I can see
    And thats why modern radio is a sack of monkeys to me.

    He said it makes me so mad I want to get out and shout it
    And I smiled and said I hadnt thought that much about it
    and we walked out the street and parted ways

    I mightve gone to a movie, but my money was spent
    so I went on home, the Lord knows where he went
    and wrote and open letter to all modern djs

    Dont play Bob Dylan
    Dont play the Bends
    Dont play anybody thats ever heard Sir Patrick Spens
    Because broken hearted people are looking for a little something to ignore
    And that is why modern radio is better than ever before
    And that is why modern radio is better than ever before

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