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  • Running Wild »

    Running Wild Wild Animal текст песни

    Wild Animal

    You say I’m boisterous and evil
    There’s a demon in my eyes
    You say I’m praying to the dark prince
    The Lord of the Flies
    Try hard to defame me, cos your power doesn’t work on me
    Your self-created blindness turns your heart to stone
    Before it ever starts to feel

    The youth is what I’m living
    The wildness what I pray
    I don’t need no religion to lead me on my way
    I don’t need politicians to tell me wrong or right
    Cos everything is transient and the treasury of life’s
    So rich and it waits for me

    Like a wild animal, I follow my heart like it beats
    Like a wild animal, the mighty urge to be free
    To live the life I want
    Like a wild animal, wildness leads my way
    Like a wild animal, as long as I follow my nature
    I’ll never go astray.

    Living, follow your heart on its way
    Dying, deny your heart and you’ll pay.

    The church is praying moral
    They say this piece of gum it kills
    They build up funeral pyres
    They burn people for their thrills.
    They falsified the Bible, for the power and the gain
    I never fawn on liars, the way they’re gonna treat me
    If they wanna stab my back

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