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  • Romanovsky And Phillips »

    Romanovsky And Phillips Womb Envy текст песни

    Womb Envy

    When I was a youngster
    Playing house was all the rage
    And I always played the mommy
    And they all thought it was just a stage
    But as I grew older
    Still I wished to be a lady
    Not so I could have a man
    But so I could have a baby!

    Womb envy
    I know it’s kinda strange
    Womb envy
    But please let me explain
    Womb envy
    I know it’s kinda crazy
    I got womb envy
    I wanna have a baby

    Now I like my equpiment
    I wouldn’t trade it for the world
    But I might trade it for nine months
    If I could only be a girl
    I don’t wanna wear a dress
    Or be somebody’s wife
    I just wanna have a chance
    To feel the miracle of life!


    I’d do it naturally
    No Playtex formulas for me
    I’d study LaMaze and read Dr. Spock
    If I could just be blessed with pregnancy

    Well maybe someday science
    Will make it a reality
    If it’s been done in test tubes
    Then why not inside of me?
    I’m every bit as loving
    And gentle as can be
    Lord, give me a chance to prove
    My maternity!


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