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    Romeo Must Die (Soundtrack) »

    Romeo Must Die (Soundtrack) Woozy текст песни


    (Performed by Playa)

    Uh, yeah
    Yo back
    It’s a new day
    And a new era
    Romeo must die, yo
    I ain’t talkin’ just about one
    I’m talkin’ about all the romeos
    You know why?

    1 — I can see it in her eyes
    She about get Broadway live, f’in with me
    I can see it in her eyes
    She wanna get Broadway live, f’in with me
    I can see it in her eyes
    Her lets in the sky, she about to get Broadway live
    I can see it in her eyes
    She about get Broadway live, f’in with me

    Take a look in my eyes
    And you can see a story (story)
    Tales of back in the hood
    Yo I could be nasty (nasty)
    He gots to be penalized
    I got to steal his glory (glory)
    A pretty little thing like you
    Should never ever be lonely (lonely)

    2 — Girl do you understand?
    Do you got something for me?
    Tonight I’ll be your man
    You’re too hot to be lonely
    And I hit you like a drug
    I bet I’ll leave you woozy
    Keep me away from your friends
    They’ll probably try to do me, do me

    I sip on my Yack, I kiss on your back
    I have you like ooh, ooh don’t stop that
    I lick on my lips, the sweat on my face
    I turned up the heat in the place, yeah
    You’re pulling your hair I’m taking you there
    I want you to lean over you chair
    When we meet again we won’t let it end
    So shorty let me know when

    Repeat 2 (2x)

    I said yo do you understand?
    I’ll leave you woozy, woozy
    Yes I will
    And you can be the star of my movie
    I’ll make you feel like a kid in a candy store

    Repeat 1

    Repeat 2 (2x)

    Girl do you understand?
    Do you understand baby?
    Are you listening?
    I got you tonight baby
    Ooh wee lady, ooh wee baby
    Do you want it?
    Ooh woozy, woozy…

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