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    Run Dmc »

    Run Dmc Word is Born текст песни

    Word is Born

    [Run] Let’s begin, to talk!!

    1990, and this is what’s goin on
    to the break of dawn
    24/7, Run-D.M.C. in effect
    That’s ??
    All those weak-rhymin, rewindin MC’s

    [Run] That means you pause
    [both] My word is born

    Yeah, speakin on truth
    from the old school on down to the youth
    Since the days, that I was the age of
    «three»; stop — listen to me
    This is how it used to be — «go!»
    Stand on another line, why?
    You did a crime now the time is mine
    I school you and your crew, why?
    Youse is my brother
    Stop — sellin and killin one another
    Take some time, to see what’s missin
    Brothers in the ?, we on a mission
    Thinkin back from the sale you made
    and back home, a grave is what your brother paid
    His life, because of a system
    Now you think you’re down, you cold dissed him
    Shut up, cause I’m fed up, with this culture
    And flyin high in the sky, a big vulture
    Waitin and debatin, to see who’s next
    for «brothers and sisters» of the opposite sex
    So hold on, keep it intact
    and go on, flow on, positive black
    B-boys be black be proud, right on
    «You know we’re bout to» be black
    and my word is born
    My word is born
    My word is born
    My word is born

    Let’s, let’s..
    Let’s begin to talk truth — it seems
    that y’all make a big out of things that are small
    We all play the same game for fame to claim
    ?? bright lights and write your name
    They’ll soup you up, til you think you’re large
    Got a spot on tour, but I’m still in charge
    A big nigga’s hittin it, don’t renege
    Bust a rap like a cap like a snap of twig
    that extends from the hands of a branch on a tree
    Like you new jack rappers, run from me
    I got proof of truth, I cut and go raw
    (Word em up D!) My word is born

    [cuts by Jay and samples to the last ten seconds]

    And ain’t nuttin changed, PUNK!

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