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    The Genius »

    The Genius Words From a Genius/words From The Genius * текст песни

    Words From a Genius/words From The Genius *

    * slight variation between the original and the re-release in song title

    One two one two check one two
    The Genius in the place to be

    Verse One:

    I make the mic pump my mic makes the party jump
    And poison beats make hip-hoppers stump
    Their feet kinda wild, to give off sparks
    But I’ll still light it up when the place is pitch dark
    Now that you witnessed me this get this correct, rap wreck
    When I’m speaking it’s the God projecting
    Facts into brains of those unaware
    Now you’re afacing the truth in the square
    Bitties like biting, then yo you should chew this
    Your man wants to beef, then we can do this
    Then when it’s time for you to face the God
    I’ll be giving you the whole nine yards
    With lyrics that breaks the laws of gravity
    So sweet to biters it gives them cavities
    And can’t be healer from the strongest toothpaste
    So keep biting to see how the truth taste
    You need guidance and self-assistance
    Cause you lack the training to go the distance
    But I’ll rhyme, to the fullest length
    And this is just a fraction of the strength


    Of the Genius
    Words from a Genius

    Verse Two:

    I’ll never sweat an MC then say I wanna be him
    Cause he makes a hit records and flips a coliseum
    I learn to lead myself, not be a follower
    I’m not a biter, stupid rhyme swallower
    I created something funky fresh funky new
    Brothers started playing money see and monkey do
    Should I explain hip-hop, okay I love it
    Simple definition but ya still don’t know the half of it
    All I need is a mic, a beat, then I’ll step free
    And flip like I’m bugging off Bacardi and Pepsi
    Dancers on stage like Alvin Ailey
    While I’m deep into the roots like Alex Haley
    You wanna try me, and be worn and torn
    Step forward, I’ll get on and start to born
    A pumpin self explanator rap
    Make a sucker MC like you clap

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