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  • Saafir the Saucee Nomad »

    Saafir the Saucee Nomad Worship The d текст песни

    Worship The d

    Now I’m takin’ my shroud and I’m
    It on my head not even a semi fraud
    More like a demigod in bed post
    I be hostin’ a buck fifty is the rate
    So the shower comes late. They call
    Me get ‘em sick ’cause I be fillin’
    ‘Em wit dick. So I get a dance and a
    Candle ’cause I got handles. When I
    Drop a load in the cock block this if
    You can. They try ’cause they see
    I’m the mutha fuckin’ man.
    The dick, commanding the bitch to do
    My bidding, I’m not kidding when it
    To rockin’ the cradles cat. I don’t jock
    Brats. Let’s use the synonym of gats
    They play with 22′s, I’m like an h-k
    Double M caliber, when I’m in the
    Stabbin’ the guts like a butcher. Put
    Ya in a trance. Watch me hump you.
    I got muscles in my ass so I hump
    At last the eyes meet mine, within her
    Abyss I see concepts for the rhyme.
    Will be dropped definitely when I see
    You, about how you served the
    Hobos the
    Butt like EU, leave you to me in two
    Or three weeks I’ll have you whole
    Fargo cargo. I know fools who be
    It, that’s why niggas like me is damn
    Celibate. So the next time she puts
    In an
    Order, even if it’s a lick, tell her to bob
    Twice and worship the dick

    I got a rep, ah, like salt ‘n’ pepa
    I’ll push definitely my nuts will please
    Like the aborigines, I’m from the
    From the land down under the
    I mash ho’s into potatoes. I love to
    A fake ho and then make her over.
    I’ll do Sybill, I’ll make the hips swivel
    And swerve. I’m licking every curve
    They’re sprung on my tongue. I won’t
    Get caught down in the vault ’cause
    Lungs help me catch wreck. Yeah
    I’m nasty, but I’m not gonna tell you
    I’ll do, «cause you’ll lose reality, you’ll
    Be acting under the age of 2, like
    Loo-loo, yes daddy, fuck me honey,
    I owe you money. Gotcha girl, now
    Spread the word and tell ya friends
    The low and lady if you try to play me
    Then I’ll take your dough. I’ll keep the
    Style simple, so I won’t lose you,
    I’ll bruise you in between the thighs,
    If you’re
    Lookin’ for the high, I won’t be the
    For the binge. They want me to hit
    The crack
    Like a dope fiend. It’s all good,
    But I hope
    You’re clean. ‘Cause if you’re not
    Then you’ll rot. Cause ah…Saafir
    Won’t tell you if
    Your shit smell like shit. From 10
    Back you’ll be worshippin’ the dick.

    A true blue collar, when I’m hollerin’ a
    Point. They wanna fade blunts,
    So I can
    Play the cunts. I’m like hunts — slow &
    I’m so raw they’ve got alters for my
    And a little incense lit, of course.
    Short on
    Cash, don’t trip ’cause Saafir will fuck
    Fits. They make pit stops so I can
    The cock, brakes are free, but rape, it
    Ain’t me. Can u dig it? I don’t wanna

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