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    T-bone Y’All Can’T Win текст песни

    Y’All Can’T Win

    I’m so dope I’m impressing myself
    Challenging rappers of my status dogg is bad for your health
    It’s like swallowing rat poison straight of the shelf
    Or slitting your wrist then changing ya mind
    But ain’t no one around to help, dudes hear spit they like holy Toledo
    Cuz when it comes to this rapping, I’m the one like Neo
    I’m Jackie Chan, bet a hundred grand I could take out five of ya man’s with one wave of my hand
    Your whole caravan get smacked right in front of ya fans
    I’ll have screaming “No Mas” like Roberto Duran holla
    They call me Boney Soprano, Young Luchiano, Bone Guevara
    Raps Sammy the bull Gervano, I’m sick wit tha flow
    Lyrical tactics and back flips, spitting ridiculous mathematics
    Like it’s gymnastics, when I die, be sure to place in my mic in my casket
    And tell the world that I was fantastic, and that’s it!

    Chino XL (Lyrics Unavailable)

    Yall can’t win, against us
    If you try, we will bust
    You should know, we’re the truth
    You can’t do, what we do, oh

    Opposing me could be detrimental like a skinhead wit a confederate flag
    Walking through south central, it’s suicidal like Kirk Cobain
    Trapped in a thunder storm using God’s name in vain, ouch!
    Yall ain’t really ready to riot wit me, I’m the Rocky of rap retiring rappers like Jay-Z
    The Ronald Reagan of rapping yo that’s me
    I been rocking and running this rap game, Chino…

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