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    T.I. You Ain’t Hard текст песни

    You Ain’t Hard

    I done been locked up wit the worsest of niggas

    Armed robbin con men and murderous niggas

    The dope boys be the first to deliver

    Green, brown, or blow, got mo snow than Buffalo in the winter

    Think these lyrics is comin from a pretender

    If I said it I done seen it or done it

    So I mean it when I say you don’t want it

    Done came a long way from jumpin the hunnids (hundreds)

    To baggin them quarters, doin shows from L.A. to Flawda (Florida)

    In Atlanta, I’m the law and the order, the king of it

    Got a throne and a brougham and a (?) that’s chrome

    Callin houses on the water my home, wit no mortgage or loan

    If I live in it I bought it and own it

    If I’m wit a bitch I caught her and boned it

    No question, no less than a week and she’s in confession

    And I bought no necklace unless I’m investin

    No exceptions, I’ll open ya closed session

    [Hook X2]

    You ain’t hard til you cookin like this

    You ain’t mob til you fucked wit the click

    Or you flippin them bricks

    We make music for the broke and the rich

    For the hoop and the 6

    For the hustlas went from nothin to (?)

    We hustle from 6 to 6 to 6 again

    Sell fat nicks for 10 til the bricks get in

    Venturin from ATL to Michigan

    The talk of yo town, y’aint even worth mentionin

    Peppermint try’na get another shipment in

    And Sam Goody just hit us on the hip again

    Got hot shit under our fits that’ll pierce ya skin

    And the click I’m in some made men, know dat

    Got a deal now, but I was the shit befo dat

    Totin steel now, but hold my own wit no gat

    T.I.P. the answer to the question "Where them hoes at?"

    The heat is catchin up to niggas runnin 4 flat

    At the club gettin crunker than crackers on Prozac

    Say you got some dubs on the Lac? Well shawty where the vogues at?

    T.I.P. ain’t the shit? come on shawty, don’t act

    I’m the hottest thing ever flowed over 24 tracks

    [Hook X2]

    Some niggas wonder how I made it, I do what it takes

    At school I was cool wit the nigga who threw a 22 in ya face

    Took ya starter coat and choked ya til you blue in the face

    Or you might know me as the nigga who fucked ya bitch and bust 2 in her face

    Either way, I’m a winner like the 4 and the trey

    You probably never held mo dough than I can blow in a day

    Sometimes I’m wearin gold, sometimes I’m ridin on it

    Between us, I doubled up off my signin bonus

    K.P. and Jay say "Shawty, ay you goin legit"

    But I ignored the shit, when I scored a brick

    I bet you never knew how quick 36 O’s'll flip

    Yeah I cook it til it bubble up, see how quick it double up

    Competition’s in trouble I’m supplyin the hood

    Born, bred, when I’m dead, I’ma die in the hood

    Niggas be tryin the hood, I open fire in the hood

    Shut ‘em up, wet ‘em up, and let ‘em lie in the hood

    [Hook X2]

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