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    Guns N Roses »

    Guns N Roses You Aint The First текст песни

    You Aint The First

    I tried so hard just to get through to you
    But your head’s so far
    From the realness of truth
    Was it just a come on in the dark
    Wasn’t meant to last long
    I think you’ve worn your welcome honey
    I’ll just see you along as I sing you this song

    Time can pass slowly,
    Things always change
    You day’s been numbered
    And I’ve read your last page
    You was just a temporary lover
    Honey you ain’t the first
    Lots of others came before you woman
    Said but you been the worst
    Sa’ you been the worst

    So goodbye to you girl
    So long, farewell
    I can’t hear you cryin’
    Your jivin’s been hell
    So look for me walkin’
    Down your street at night
    I’ll be in with another
    Deep down inside

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