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  • Rollins Band »

    Rollins Band You Didn’t Need текст песни

    You Didn’t Need

    You turned me in and you burned me out
    You pulled me in and you locked me out
    You ripped your feelings right across my back
    You didn’t see that I was bleeding
    You turned away when I spoke to you
    You looked away when I looked right through you
    You didn’t need to do that to me

    When I touched you
    Did you feel it?
    Did you ever feel anything at all?
    Do you ever lie awake at night?
    Do you ever think of me?
    I’ve got my arms wrapped around myself
    You’ve got your arms around someone else
    I try to tell myself
    I’m not down

    I didn’t want it but I got it anyway
    I didn’t want it and I couldn’t get away
    I can’t deny it
    I miss you
    Even though it hurts inside
    In my dreams I kiss you
    I keep a lie alive

    I wrack my brain trying to remember
    Everything I said to you
    I wreck my brain trying to dismember
    Any part attached to you
    I’m sorry I still feel this pain inside
    It shows on my face like a scar
    It’s something I can’t hide
    Some people are better left alone
    It hurts so much when you have nothing to say
    It hurts so much to have to walk away

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